Beacon Laboratory

Beacon Laboratory
Developing world class automotive lighting solutions requires extensive product validation
and testing, Beacon Engineering is proud to present our newest addition to the group – Beacon
Laboratory. Beacon Laboratory is located in our Columbus Ohio facility and offers a full score
of automotive lighting testing capabilities. Whether the lamp requires regulatory validation as to
FMVSS, ECE or SAE standards, or company specific requirements such as GM, Ford or Nissan
specifications, we have a wide range of capabilities to meet your testing needs.

As photometric performance is the target of any good lighting design, environmental and
durability testing will ensure your product meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations.
Product testing can be performed on anything from designed prototypes, to production samples,
to warranty issues from the field. Our test data can be analyzed with our optic software to ensure
the highest level of performance for your lighting solution.

• Photometric Testing
• FMVSS, SAE, ECE, and JIS Compliance
• Temperature Rise
• Vibration and Impact
• Color and Light Feeling Study
• Chemical and Environmental Resistance